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Champagne Gala

December, 2018

Wenatchee Valley Enological Society is a non-profit organization, promoting education and responsible consumption in a fun, social setting for individuals aged 21 and older. 

Our events are generally held the third Thursday of the month at the Wenatchee Valley Museum, 127 South Mission in Wenatchee.  We enjoy wines from all regions, including Wenatchee Valley and North Central Washington.  

Officers & Board Members

Wine & Cheese Pairing

October, 2017

  • President
    Ric Johnson

  • Vice-President
    Janice Goeden 

  • Secretary
    Jim Hofmann

  • Treasurer
    Bruce Campbell

  • Membership
    Bruce Campbell

  • Registration Chairman
    Kathy Campbell

  • Facebook Administrator
    Keri Marino

  • Web Site   
    Keri Marino

Board Members

  • Ruth Allan

  • Sheila Bergren

  • Dwight Bonneville

  • Barbara Brink

  • Bruce & Kathy Campbell

  • Janice Goeden

  • Jim Hofmann

  • Sue & Ric Johnson

  • Don Julien

  • Lauri Leedy

  • Charles & Terri McKay

  • Art Moore

  • Al & Sandy Schuster

  • Pat Whitfield

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