We are dedicated to the education of our members and their guests in the fields of viticulture (study of grape growing) and enology (study of wine making) from our region and around the world.

Our hope is to increase the appreciation, enjoyment, and knowledge of wine along with responsible consumption.

Upcoming Events

January 16

Annual Meeting & Leonetti Bonus Tasting (Members only)

February 20

Mystery Event

March 19

Cabernet Franc Comparison

April 16

Basel Cellars

May 21

Chilean Carmenere

January 16th 
Leonetti - Then & Now

Fabulous wines and amazing catered appetizers were enjoyed at our January "Annual Meeting & Bonus Tasting" event.

We tasted 2002 and 2016 Leonetti Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and ended the evening with 2008 Figgins Family Estate Red.  

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