President’s Corner

Lake Chelan AVA

Submitted June 1st, 2009

We are very fortunate to have an area in our own back yard that has just been awarded its own AVA, which stands for American Viticulture Area.  There were 193 AVAs as of February, 2009 and the Lake Chelan AVA is the 11th in the State of Washington and the State’s second in 2009.  Prior to the installation of the AVA system, wine appellations of origin in the United States were designated based on state or county boundaries.   An American Viticulture Area (AVA) is a federally recognized grape growing area, historic-ally recognized and having soil and growing conditions unique to the surrounding area.   Sometimes it is also called an “Appellation”, a term which can also be used for other agricultural designations as well. (more…)

Membership Dues Change

Submitted April 22nd, 2009

The Enological Society board has determined that the dues for membership will be universally due on May 1st starting with 2009. In order to be able to accomplish this, a process has been established. (more…)

Anniversary Adventure

Submitted September 5th, 2008

My wife, Kathy, started something new for celebrating our anniversary between our 20th and 25th. I was to pack a bag for a surprise overnighter somewhere. She had made reservations at a nice motel in downtown Leavenworth, where we had a wonderful room overlooking Blackbird Island. It then became my turn to do something creative so for our 25th anniversary I surprised her by making reservations in Spokane at the recently remodeled Davenport Hotel without her knowledge and kept her guessing until we exited I-90. (more…)

Summer Fun

Submitted July 9th, 2008

Kathy and I look forward to the summer. We spend lots of time at Lake Chelan in our 30+-year-old single wide at a very comfortable family resort. We can barely see the lake from our little abode, but it is just a short two minutes or less walk to a nice grassy beach. We do a lot of wine tasting during this time, either visiting the local wineries or just enjoying a nice Wapato Cellars’ Pinot Grigio or Tsillan Cellars’ Bocciolo d’Rosa down on the beach in the late afternoon. (more…)

Marketing Can Be the Key

Submitted May 30th, 2008

How many of you have at some time bought a bottle of wine because of the label? (more…)

On Wineology…

Submitted May 30th, 2008

On the scale of wineology (my word) knowledge I am at maybe stage 2.5 out of 10, so it is fun for me to find different ways to sample wines, compare or pair them with various flavors and enjoy them with friends. I realize that many of you are much higher on the scale than I, but maybe you can share with all of us some of the ways you incorporate wine into your social events by sending in ideas for the Enological Society’s website. (more…)