What a lot of wine events are happening this time of year!

Submitted May 13th, 2010

For that matter, what a lot of everything is going on. We’ve had Apple Blossom, Maifest and the Wenatchee Wine Walk, and coming up are barrel tasting and more. Here, if you haven’t seen this website, you should go there and get the information first-hand. It is excellent, and will give you all kinds of news about coming events. www.wenatcheevalley.org.

You’ll find enough information about wine, plays, music and other activities to make your head spin. I’m still dizzy from reading about it. Shhh. I know what you’re thinking, but Alex already had a smart remark about that.

Here in Leavenworth, Stemilt Creek opened its new tasting room in the Pink Building. We met a new staff member, Mike, who pours with a ready smile. But who wouldn’t smile at these wines? They have some nice new prices on three: the 2005 Merlot is now $14., the 2005 Stemilt Hill Red (a very pleasing blend) is $14, and the 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon is only $12.75! Talk about good buys!

Up on the hill above Smallwood’s Farm, the new Silvara winery continues to take shape. It will be a real showplace when finished. Stop in and talk with Gary about his plans for it. We might hold an event there in the future. Both Gary and the young woman behind the bar will be happy to fill you in on what’s going on. If you are coming to the May 20 event, you’ll get to taste two of Gary’s three wines. They are very good. And don’t forget that noted local winemaker Craig Mitrakul will be there, along with the latest winemaker in Leavenworth, Chuck Egner. I wish he’d bring the blue grass group with him.

Recently at Grocery Outlet we found some more Sawtooth red blend – $3.99 – and Six Prong – Horse Heaven Hills red blend – , $4.99. Bob tells me they are very popular and go out as soon as people learn they are back in the store. I liked the Apex Chardonnay 2007 we had last night. Earlier they had the 2004, and some might be left, but I like the 2007 better. It’s a light, crisp style but with definite Chardonnay characteristics, and went well with a roasted Cornish hen, brown rice and asparagus. The Serience, too, is available again. This Washington state triple gold winner, at $2.99, has been hard to keep on the shelves.

I think we all know what good wines come from the Columbia Crest Grand Estates line. The prices are always reasonable, but this week at Martin’s Market in Cashmere the Grand Estates Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Grigio are only $5.98. Even better, with a four bottle purchase, they are $5.38. With summer and hot weather just ahead, we’re going to stock up with some of these, as we eat a lot of white-wine food when it’s hot.

Don’t forget to get your May membership in. I know how easy it is to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” as it’s my favorite phrase these days. I do hope to see you May 20. You’ll love meeting the guys who make some of the best wine in the Valley.